Reason of late Marriages ( A Perception)

 One of the foremost reasons of the late marriages is the income and generation development to survive in life. In many countries there is no proper arrangement of the financial support to the children. Poor couple feel difficulty in raising the children and that’s why their children can’t reach to the place where the success is defined as. The poor children can’t get support and they can’t get money and support as compared to the rich people and that is why they lag behind. They can’t immigrate to other countries because of the lack of proper mental educational foundation that lack proper education that meet international requirement. Hence that is the reason they fail to survive when they immigrate developed countries.


Hence they lack proper communication skills, they are unaware of the life skills and they are unaware of requirements that internationally are required. That is why underdeveloped countries face difficulties in financial and social support that they require.

My topic was regarding late marriages and in this regard people fear how they will be able to bring up their off springs with all the financial, social and monetary support and that is the reason children lack proper requirements of developing in the underdeveloped countries. There is population but not the money to bring them up. That is why they have human capital but that is not educated.

They labour to earn their livelihood and they face difficulties when they wanted to survive. There are no proper jobs and also lack of the education. There is no health and safety facilities provision and hence that is why they can’t avoid health and injuries issues. In such states there are mental injuries that suffer the most. Parents leave their support and they are left to the merciless hands of the time.

They don’t attend ceremonies they have to gathering and they are treated like beggars or low cast people.

That is why in such countries population is many but at the same time human capital has very low education in this regard. Human capital labour and there is no surety they will survive or not.

Marriages in such states are common but there is no surety they will survive or not in their lives and there will but no surety they will survive or not in their lives. In some cases they either can’t avoid physical or mental injuries that is the reason they remain unmarried.

Ten years ago I started a spouse hunt but I was unable to find a single one for me because I was unable to survive in life. I also live in a third world nuclear country where education level is no that much and at the same time there are no medical facilities at the school level. Such as check-up eye sight hearing ability IQ tests diseases like asper syndrome autism mental injuries or other mental health issues. These children are left to the merciless hands of time to survive in life. They lack the rights to reproduction and as well they lack any opportunities to survive in life.

There are no proper clinics and aids available for them. They lack proper education opportunities and they are marginalized for special education.

As such I remained bachelor till 30s despite of a long struggle to survive in life. I was rejected humiliatingly from everybody because I was unable to survive in life and can’t be independent in life.

During Childhood my granny supported me and till young hood my father supported me but afterwards it was perhaps my spouse a life partner could support me.

It was a long struggle that I did to survive in life but I failed to survive.

I am still bachelor and young as well. We have resources but to feed the capitalist and family tiers but to feed poor. Health is wealth it is said but it is not believed health and safety measures are compulsory. If I died bachelor as well it will be dilemma for me only. Until I am old enough to marry or reproduce.

My reproduction can be blocked here but it can’t be denied that they will be normal with genetic gifts to survive in life. They would have merit education without need of extra money to be spend on them.

I myself became a victim of such culture that otherwise I could have avoided as well.

In third world countries the major challenge is health and safety. This is not a satire but major issue that either there is labour reproduction on the other hand there is not education facilities in such countries.  The people are illiterate or on the other hand they can be utilized for labour.

People that become victim to health issues find no social or clinical support and they are found as burdening their society.

I myself live in a third world country where I was unable to marry as well because I was unable to prove my social normality for the jobs. Until now I find my interest in those countries where boys and girls marriages are a great issue. Women here remain unmarried because they lack dowry.

Men remain unmarried because they lack financial position. Until they get old.






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