Property Laws

There is a problem that we seldom support our miser siblings monetarily. For us not only they are overcrowding the population, they also demand food, money and marriage. A joint Family system is a great protection in this concern. The elders safeguard these members of the family by transferring them property rights. In this way there are guardian and property laws that protect rights of such members of the home. When such protective laws are existing why these are not enforced in states. Why people are left alone. Why the parents don’t protect such members with in laws. Where is human rights watch? There are laws for such people in which there are property laws. Laws for guardian after departure of parents and unemployed members of the families. There is a need to enforce such international laws.

In this way generations of these members of the family can be secured. There are some international laws that should be enforced. In this way the dependency of such members of such people can be settled. Hence it becomes convenient to save such lives. These people will never be seen at all in apathetic condition.

There are cultures where blood gets cold. Brothers leave such brothers where he rely on aid of others to survive. His marriage is out of question. After parents they are observed begging on the roads. They are helpless in want of food, cloths, shelter. Parents either did not leave or transfer any property to them or did not protected them under the protection laws. The result is they are discarded by the siblings or they are observe in below the standard of life.




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  1. georgiacassell

    In the present world people seem to be way too much horny when it comes to the property. Even I was reading an article of the best dissertation help service and it was telling a case of murder over property issues. The rights of property were given to safeguard the peace of house not to destroy it.

    July 15, 2017