But He can't Suicide( A Poem)

Every night he sleeps

Every day he wakes up

He wanted to die

But not with the suicide

He wanted to leave the world

But not with painful way

He has a brain that keeps on

Thinking the entire day

He has a body that is useless

He has no other option

To leave this world but

Perhaps God wants him to live

He has no other option at all

He can’t suicide at all

He wanted to die before

His parents leave him

He was a dependant soul

He was lonely body

He can’t forget his

Maternal grandfather

What will he do without?

He can’t imagine the day

When he will have no parents

No Guardian left for him

Still he is alive

He prays to his God to die

But God still wants him to live

He sleeps like death every night

But still he is alive

Yet he can’t suicide

Yet he can’t die

All that he wanted

To die before the

Day when he is

Without parents

He is without his

Grandfather to live

He can’t forget still how

He will survive without

His parents without any guardian

He knows he will be all alone

Without his guardians

He is all alone                                                 

But he can’t suicide











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