A Betrayal ( A Poem)

                           There is a place where we have no worries

                           This is the land where we live like heaven

                            There will be one you and one me

                            Nobody else will ever come to separate us

                            I will not surrender before the circumstances

                            I will not betray you like that again

                           Each and every moment I remember

                          When you used to care about me

                           Nobody will separate us like that

                            Nobody will play with our destiny

                           I still remember your concern for me

                           I have to leave you and betray you

                            I surrendered before the circumstances

                          When everything went in wrong direction

                              I left you and became myself alone

                              And gave you a married life

                            I still remember your care for me

                           That’s why I am alone and not you

                            I surrendered before the circumstances

                              And I gave you happiness

                            Left you all alone myself and empty pocket

                               I still remember when I left

                              Everything way back behind.

                             I surrendered before the circumstances.




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Comments (1)

  1. cameronsheehan

    Betrayal is the bullshit thing that people like to give to many people in their lives. Your essayholic.com services in this poem is highly appreciable. It seems that you really experienced that thing and now words are coming out inside your heart.

    May 24, 2017